About Office House Sound Proofing

There are few problems that we are not familiar with ranging from poorly converted Victorian and Edwardian houses to brand new buildings which can suffer from considerable noise intrusion. John Motson, as a Business Director, now specialises in site visits to understand and recommend soundproofing solutions.

Commonly asked questions about sound proofing homes and offices

Q. Does domestic soundproofing really work?
A. Yes it does, our customers consistently tell us that we have reduced noise intrusion to the extent that their lifestyle has improved. We do insist on a site visit, during which we will want to fully understand the issues you are facing so we can make the most appropriate recommendations, before undertaking any soundproofing work.

Q. Is soundproofing expensive?
A. It depends, walls and floors are relatively inexpensive while ceilings require specialist tools and labour.

Q. How long does it take to install?

A. We can usually install floor systems in one day, walls usually take 2-3 days while ceilings can take up to one week.

Q. I’m thinking of moving to escape the noise intrusion from downstairs, is soundproofing a cheaper option?

A. Moving costs are high, usually between £10,000 and £15,000. When we soundproof a floor, for instance, we can usually reduce noise intrusion by 70% and charge a fraction of the cost of moving.

Q. Will sound proofing block all disruptive noise?
A. The honest answer is no, but you will be surprised just how effective it can be.

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