Sound proofing product range

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Acoustic Carpet Underlay

An acoustic carpet underlay made from a 5mm rubber base and a 5mm high grade felt top layer, Acoustic Carpet Underlay is designed for installation directly beneath carpets to give superior reduction in impact noise transmission through to the floors below. The weight of this underlay is nom. 2.5Kg/m which equates 72oz/yd, this is an extremely heavy, high quality underlay which will also help absorb a small amount of higher frequency airbourne noise.

Laminate Floor Underlay

This is a superb acoustic underlay designed specifically to reduce the transfer of impact noise (walking/footfall) through floating laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floors. The main problem with wooden/laminate floors is that when you walk on them much more impact as well as airborne noise is produced (due to the hard surface) and this can often be a nuisance to the people living below. This product comprises a 4.2mm layer of high density resilient rubber sponge with a foil faced moisture barrier laminated to one side. Easily cut with a knife or scissors and when used in conjunction with our Soundproofing Mats first will provide both impact AND airborne noise reduction through the floor for minimal height rise.

Acoustic Membrane

This innovative material utilises nano vacuum technology, synthetic rubber and special fillers producing a revolutionary new acoustic membrane.

Fire Safe Acoustic Mineral Wool

The density of this material is generally at least twice that of standard loft insulation so it's much more efficient at absorbing sound. The mass of fibreglass loft insulation is generally only around 20Kg/m. AMW consists mainly of silicon-oxide together with a number of other metallic oxides. It is non-flammable and chemically inert and is not adversely affected by any substance it may come into contact with. Random arrangement of fibres ensures no water penetration in any direction. It is rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria. It will not react with wired plastic or metal wall ties, brickwork or masonry.

Acoustic HVAC Pipewrap

Increases acoustic insulation of the duct element to which it is applied, basing its effect on the presence of an absorbent element and a high elasticity and high density insulating membrane.
This product is also extremely useful as an underlay inside vehicles to reduce road noise. It should be applied with the foil side facing upwards and felt side facing down to the chassis.

Quiet Floor

This is an acoustic floor system designed to improve both the impact and airborne noise transfer through floors. The laminated composition provides maximum performance for minimum thickness and combines excellent sound insulation with all the qualities of a good carpet underlay. It is quick and easy to install and is easily cut and shaped. Overall thickness is just 12mm so it minimises the increase in floor level.
This product comprises an 8mm layer of chipfoam bonded between a top layer of 5Kg soundproofing mat and a base layer of 3Kg soundproofing mat. The base layer of barrier mat seals and damps the sound coming through the floor, the isolated top layer of barrier mat blocks the sound both ways and the chipfoam core dramatically reduces impact noise transfer.

Acoustic Quilt

Soundproofing composite made up of the polymer-based, asphalt-free 5kg/m or 8kg/m synthetic acoustic membrane bonded both sides with a 10mm layer of porous acoustic felt mats, both formed in such a way as to offer excellent acoustic insulation in different building elements: walls, ceilings, roofs, etc.

  • High acoustic insulation, combined with soft, flexible elements (plasterboard, wood conglomerate).

    Easy handling and application. (does not make you itch !)
  • Easy overlapping.
  • Cold- and heat-resistance.
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Rot proof

Floating Floor Isolation

R-10 insulation is made from a special vulcanised rubber/latex mix bonded to a layer of bituminated felt. and supplied in roll form. R10 is designed to significantly reducing impact noise through floors as part of a floating floor system. When using R-10 it should be recognised that the overall floor height will rise with the addition of the top floor. If you wish to lift the existing floorboards then there is an alternative, high performance, system that can be employed which can be more effective with less of a height rise.

Resilient Bar

Resilient Bar is a thin metal channel designed to substantially improve the sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings. The channel effectively isolates the plasterboard from the stud work, eliminating 'direct contact' to dissipate sound which would normally be transferred through the frame. This system is easy to install and produces excellent results especially when used with suspended high mass ceilings.
Our resilient bars, or resilient channels as they are sometimes called, are superior quality and highly flexible unlike other types that are on the market which are just too rigid to have a beneficial effect.
Resilient Bars typically add between 3-6dB to the acoustic performance of an otherwise identical structure.

Soundproof Mats

Soundproofing Mats have excellent sound insulating properties. Soundproofing mats can be used as a sole sound barrier layer, or as part of a multilayer composite with other materials such as sound absorbing foam and carpet.
These soundproofing mat sheets are extremely effective at improving the sound insulation properties of lightweight plasterboard partitions, floors and almost anything else !! Two to three layers can be used on hard floors to reduce noise transfer dramatically.

It can be used in ceiling constructions, walls etc. and can almost double the soundproofing performance of a standard lightweight stud partition.
Soundproofing mat is particularly effective at reducing the critical dip (or coincidence) frequency which is always present in standard plasterboard constructions as well as increasing the low frequency performance.

M20 Wall Panel

M20 panel insulation is specifically designed for party walls and to absorb and reduce airborne noise through them. It is extremely effective when applied to walls with a single skin, such as as breeze block, standard brick or any type of stud work partition. These panels are particularly suitable for improving the soundproofing of domestic party walls and lightweight stud partitions. It is simple to install and can produce excellent results for a minimal 50mm of space.
A thinner 10mm version is also available which is well suited to taking point loads and can be used as a resilient layer to between stud work and floors. This version is also useful for vibration isolation purposes.
Please Note: This product is not ideally suited for loud music and bass sounds coming through party walls.